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:4.01.2005 - Новый Год начился...:

2005ый год начинается с выступления meltdown в Dimond Hotel Pub...
вход безплатный, будте там 13ого Января...

:11.01.2005 - Concert... New Photos...:

Theres a performence of meltdown to come on 13th January, in local pab "Dimond".
We hope to see there, you all, our dear fans.

New photos from to day rehersals, with Dan... finily, at Jenya"s place.

See ya at Dimond, enrence will cost you 10 shekels.

:24.01.2005 - The "Rock Punk Metal" back...:

At 4th on February meltdown would play in "Charlies Beach", with Nuclear Holocoust, Splash, Over Dose and some more bands...

The enterence will cost you a 35 new shekels, and first vodka is for free...

See you there at 10p.m.!
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