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the history of meltdown
It all began when Egor and Pasha (aka Sid), got together in some band, and were
playing covers on Nirvana, Deep Purple, Sepultura and Megadeth...
Soon Ozzy join them as guitarist, but switched to bass player of the band, and Jenya
become their guitarist. Like this band was workin all through the summer of 2003,
and in August played the first show in Muza club. After that band was doing a little show
at "Lev ha Ir", together with Nuclear Holocoust... Right before this concert Jenya left the band

In 2004 the first big show played in Escape with Chaos Rabak, Deface, Nuclear
Holocoust and Vendetta...
During 2004 meltdown played in Hulon (at Shevrolet), and in Beer Sheva (where Jenya
join the band for the last time, now he got his own project)...

2005 finily, the band recorded 4 demo songs, in Hulon GEM studios...

now band is:
Egor - guitars/vocals
Ozzy - bass
Sid - drums


08.08.2003 - Muza (Natanya)
16.01.2004 - "Rock Punk Metal" (Escape/Natanya)
00.00.2004 - Lev ha Ir (Natanya)
??.??.2004 - Purim Party (Tchernichovsky school/Natanya)
20.05.2004 - Live "Burn Studio" (Natanya)
00.00.2004 - Live and very drunk "Burn Studio" (Natanya)
12.07.2004 - Ron"s Birthday Party (Escape/Natanya)
05.08.2004 - "Metal Fest in Beer Sheva" (Beer Sheva)
23.09.2004 - Rock Fest (Hulon)
29.10.2004 - "Rock Punk Metal" (Escape/Natanya)
12.11.2004 - Ozzy"s Birthday Party (Diomond Pub/Natanya)
13.01.2005 - Diomond Pub (Natanya)
04.02.2005 - "Rock Punk Metal" (Charlie"s Beach/Natanya)
04.03.2005 - "Scotishsheep" (Kauja/Kfar Vitkin)
20.03.2005 - Muza (Natanya)
08.04.2005 - "Rock Punk Metal" (Charlie"s Beach/Natanya)
30.06.2005 - "Beer-7" (Beer Sheva)
31.07.2005 - "Muza" (Natanya)

In plans:
07.10.2005 - Innas birthday party (somewhere in Natanya)
24.10.2005 - Extrim Rock (Kfar Vitkin)
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