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Are You Ready For the War?
the light shines on me
but from inside its dark
in my eyes only blood i see
i can feel the hells mark

now the moon is shiyning higher
and im falling closer to your side
now my blood is frosen
and my soul is left behind

stand alone in a sea of blood
see your face from my enternal tomb
six feet under coverd with mud
lest heard the ticking of the time bomb

in my trane I ride to hell
chasing forward to the the end
when you heard the ring of the church bell
its time to say good bay my friend...

hear we go ask no one
we must go but we dont know how
should we leave and dont come back
lets respect the dead

take my heand, fly with me
to a namless land cold never more
cos if you whant peace you should
get ready for waaaaar!!!!!
Counter CO.KZ